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fb-photoClick here to check out the brand new Practical Shooter’s Guide! This handbook guides shooters through the ins and outs of positional shooting and explains the “why” behind each position shown. The concepts taught within apply to both competition settings, as well as potential hunting scenarios. One Amazon reviewer said this,
“Great book and easy read. I have been shooting long range for a few years now and still consider myself a student. This book introduced me to things I have never thought of and gave me new insight as to the way I look at COF. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get into or better their long range shooting skills.”

If you’re looking to improve your shooting efficiency and shave chunks of time off of engagements then take a look at the Sidewinder! I successfully used the Sidewinder to finish 8th overall for the 2015 PRS season, a 1st place finish in the 2016 New Mexico Precision Rifleman’s Championship, and numerous other Top 10 finishes. The Sidewinder and its variants provide a quick “heads-up display” style for your data, eliminating wasted movement by removing your head from the stock each time. The Sidewinder is attached to a pliable arm that will not break when bumped on hard surfaces (such as in and out of barricades). There are currently 3 different models to choose from:

Shooter's View
Shooter’s View


Sidewinder – This is the original model, with one side of clear plastic to slide a business card into for your data reference. The Sidewinder attaches to the rifle via velcro on an appropriate location on the rifle’s stock. Comes with a business card, 2 pieces of velcro to attach, and 10 blank cards to write on.


Rail-Mounted Python


Python – The Python functions the same way as the Sidewinder in terms of displaying the information in a card holder. The difference is in the mounting method. A longer pliable arm takes the place of a velcro attachment, resulting in no additional materials to attach to the rifle. This would be a good option for some ARs and stocks that have very limited mounting surfaces for velcro.



2 Way Sidewinder – This model has the same method of attachment as the Sidewinder (utilizes velcro), but differs with the double-sided card holder. This can be advantageous displaying more detailed dope cards and keep twice the amount of stages at the ready during competitions.

If you are anticipating shooting in very wet conditions, use either Rite-in-the-rain paper, or take a look at Bison Tactical’s synthetic paper! Bison Tactical specifically supplies Sidewinder-sized cards for your bad weather needs. Click here for more pictures of the Sidewinder. The clear portion can also be written on with markers, simply wipe off with hand sanitizer/rubbing alcohol!

Feel free to use the link below to print out your own cards!

Click Here to Download & Print –> Cut-Out Dope Cards (print using “narrow margins”)


13 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just ran across your dope chart system.
    Where can I order them from?
    The dry erase marker idea didn’t work very well this weekend while shooting in the Sniper’s Hide Cup 2015.

    1. The rest of the first batch sold out while I was at the Sniper’s Hide Cup! I will be getting a second run going in no time though.

  2. I’ll bite! Anything to keep still behind the gun. I’ll keep checking back to see when they’re available.

    1. As soon as the next run is available I will post notices on the Facebook and Instagram page!

          1. Marcus,
            I have purchased your book and a Sidewinder.
            And I look forward to putting into practice from what I learned from your book.
            I watched one of your vids on YouTube about dry firing for practice. My question is are those dummie rounds or snap caps..etc?

          2. Thanks so much for picking them up! All I have are dummy rounds, no snap caps.

  3. Hello
    Ive been considering the python card for a while now and im wondering how sturdy it is, if it stays firmly in place while moving thru obstacles.

    I noticed the 3d-printed pic rail is being displayed on a desert tech srs rifle. I also shoot a dta srs (left hand model) and was wondering if the pic rail might be a better option for me.

    If someone could give me some feedback or opinions before I make my purchase I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Michael, the Python is sturdy enough to stay in place during movements and during firing, but say if you hit it on the side of a door/obstacle, it will bend out of the way so there is nothing to snap or break off. Just a quick twist and it is back in place. As for the printed rail attachment, those pictures are at the bottom of the gallery on a Tikka w/ KRG Whiskey-3 chassis. At the time I posted the Desert Tech photos the printed rail was not an option, so that was my bad for a misleading title that has since been changed. If you don’t want to wrap the Python around your optic, ring, or any holes in the Desert Tech chassis then the 3D printed rail may provide better flexibility for you. Hope that helps!

  4. I ordered one with the 3D printed rail clamp and it broke the first time I shot with it. Wondering about the warranty

    1. Replied via email but still have not heard a response back. Please send a picture and a mailing address so we can replace it for ya.

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